Silent Configuration Mode Failed

Silent configuration of the database and search engine configuration was attempted and failed. Silent configuration was attempted because you enabled silent mode using FUSIONAUTH_APP_SILENT_MODE=true. Possible reasons why this failed and you ended up here:
  1. The database is not started, or not accessible using the JDBC URL provided in the DATABASE_URL environment variable.
  2. The database root credentials provided by DATABASE_ROOT_USERNAME and optionally DATABASE_ROOT_PASSWORD environment variables were incorrect or did not have adequate privileges to create the schema.
  3. Elasticsearch is not started, or not accessible using the URL(s) provided in the SEARCH_SERVERS environment variable.
  4. A problem exists between the keyboard and chair. (PEBKAC)

Please review the values you specified in the environment variables, ensure the database and Elasticsearch services are accessible and review the FusionAuth logs.

If you are not using Elasticsearch and have configured FusionAuth to use the database search engine then the good news is that you will not need the SEARCH_SERVERS environment variable. The bad news is that the probability that we are looking at a PEBKAC situation has just increased.